Konzept68 – Active Sound For Dynamic Systems

Our human living environments become more and more digitized. This creates a need for smart soundscapes which help people to interact with the surrounding technologies of everyday life.
At KONZEPT68 we know how to use interactive algorithms in order to provide a consistent and intuitive acoustic environment where people feel being in good hands.


MXS, the Motion eXperience Synthesizer, is an ultra-mobile active sound & vibration generation system. It is optimized for designing and applying auditory and tactile environments in and around quiet vehicles. In combination with the surrounding interface modules the system enables the user to design convincing soundscapes in an intuitive and straightforward manner. [MX Suite]


KONZEPT68’s flexible and generic algorithmic approach helps customers to turn ideas and concepts into real-world sound applications. From the successful completion of many commercial and non-commercial research and development projects we have the knowledge to implement specific customer projects in a variety of programming languages and environments. The main expertise is related to the auralization of moving vehicles, existing in reality or being simulated in virtual environments. Moreover the services of KONZEPT68 also include solutions in all areas where algorithmic processing of acoustic scenarios is needed (Music, IoT, home appliances,…). Learn more about our services…


More than 2 decades of professional experience with real-time sound simulation build the foundation of KONZEPT68. A pronounced passion for sound is combined with unique expertise acquired over many years of implementing immersive sound and vibration solutions. About…


Hopefully the preceding sections generated your interest in getting more details about how KONZEPT68 can help turning your special tasks into convincing sound solutions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us…